Joseph Joseph Flavouriser Meat Tenderizer

Joseph Joseph Flavouriser Meat Tenderizer.

This is a very interesting gadget 4-in ONE! I love it.

A single tool can be flattened meat, soften, squeeze juice to marinate for grinding spices and perfume it. Joseph Joseph has launched Flavouriser tosoften, flatten and flavored meats, a tool 4 in 1 ideal for small kitchens or with little storage space for kitchen accessories.

 Con un mismo utensilio se puede aplanar una carneablandarla, exprimir zumo para marinarla y moler especias para aromatizarla. Joseph Joseph ha lanzado Flavouriser, para ablandar, aplanar y aromatizar carnes, una herramienta 4 en 1 ideal para cocinas pequeñas o con poco espacio para guardar accesorios de cocina.


Crab & Avocado Smørrebrød with Chili Herb Dressing

This is amazingly delicious! I love Smørrebrød, the pairing of crab and avocado is great.

Something Clean Something Green

Summer has finally reached the UK! But in typical fashion it’ll be cold and raining in a blink of an eye! So before it goes, I wanted to create a recipe using crab, one of my favourite summer foods, and pay homage to smørrebrød – Danish open rye bread sandwiches. I’m shortly returning to Copenhagen, one of the best cities in the world for amazing food, and smørrebrød is something everyone who visits must try!

A lot of crab recipes I’ve come across in the past just use the white meat, ignoring the much more flavourful brown meat.  I think it’s great to use both, so I’ve done just that, and kept the whole thing fresh and summery with lots of herbs, avocado and lemon.

A dressed crab is one that’s been cooked, had all the bad parts removed, and the white meat picked out of the claws and added…

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Bay Scallops and Shrimp Scampi

I am a huge fan of shrimp and scallops! This is a must try recipe. 🙂


Bay Scallops and Shrimp Scampi with Rice Bay Scallops and Shrimp Scampi with Rice

Our daughter is not a huge fan of seafood (bless her heart) but the hubby and I really enjoy a good seafood dinner here and again. She was off spending the night at a friend’s house this past weekend, and gave us the perfect chance to make us a seafood meal that doesn’t consist of frozen fish sticks, which inexplicably she does like to eat. A seafood scampi basically calls for a lot of butter, garlic, and lemon juice. Seeing as we were in an indulgent frame of mind, we used all that, and then some. Hey, you only live once, and we do try to eat healthy but in my mind the scallops and shrimp balanced out the fact we used real butter. Yes, you have to use real butter for this. Your results may vary, if not. We tag-teamed on this…

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Fruit-Infused Water

I love this idea!!! Thank you Ted

Something Clean Something Green

Yes I know this is hardly a “recipe” as such, but I really wanted to share this one with you all, as it’s pretty cool nonetheless. I for one am very guilty of not drinking enough water, and staying well hydrated is something we should all aspire to! As a sucker for gin & tonics and Pimm’s, I’ve always liked having tasty additions to drinks, such as lemon, lime or grapefruit, or others like cucumber and herbs like rosemary and basil. So the idea spilled across from that to make regular tap water more appealing to drink!

I’ve seen water bottles you can buy with a ‘basket’ where you can add fruit to, but in my opinion these are expensive and not necessary at all! I’ve been washing and re-using glass jars that once had mayonnaise or chocolate milk, and I love how pretty the jars can look with fruit…

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Toast (5 ways) – What’s Gaby Cooking

Hi! Yall!

These are out of the typical everyday toast that you need to try. For these recipes as well as others, you can find them here:

First toast from left to right is a Burrata cheese Caprese toast (Burrata is a fresh Italian cheese made from mozzarella and cream), next, we have a Ricotta, Grapes, candied Walnuts and Honeycomb. Following the Ricotta, we have the Avocado, Olive Oil, Lemon zest, Lemon juice, Red Pepper flakes and some Salt and Pepper. Then comes the smashed Peas with Mint and Radishes. Finally, we have sliced Apples or Pears  with some salty Prosciutto and Arugula on top of a bed of Brie cheese.