Fruit-Infused Water

I love this idea!!! Thank you Ted

Something Clean Something Green

Yes I know this is hardly a “recipe” as such, but I really wanted to share this one with you all, as it’s pretty cool nonetheless. I for one am very guilty of not drinking enough water, and staying well hydrated is something we should all aspire to! As a sucker for gin & tonics and Pimm’s, I’ve always liked having tasty additions to drinks, such as lemon, lime or grapefruit, or others like cucumber and herbs like rosemary and basil. So the idea spilled across from that to make regular tap water more appealing to drink!

I’ve seen water bottles you can buy with a ‘basket’ where you can add fruit to, but in my opinion these are expensive and not necessary at all! I’ve been washing and re-using glass jars that once had mayonnaise or chocolate milk, and I love how pretty the jars can look with fruit…

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